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Spring in Japan

Japanese Honeysuckle


Spring in Japan - Japan in the springtime is where you can experience one of the more exceptional events in the Japanese seasonal calendar, hanami. A typical hanami is an outdoor party under cherry blossom trees during the day or night. Enjoy a picnic as the cherry blossoms fall from the tree. The party we had lasted well into the night, as the moon illuminated the pink blossoms.

This diffuser is scented with Japanese Honeysuckle, a strong fragrance that is reminiscent of Australian summers, honeysuckle growing over the back fence mixed with the scent of jasmine.

Presented in a lovely 120ml bottle with ten straight reeds, our diffusers will freshen up any room. Gift boxed and labelled with our Where in the World range there is one to suit every home.

Diffusers last for over three months. They are a cost effective, low maintenance way to fragrance your home.

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